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Automatic Bag In Box Cartoning Machine


This automatic bag in box cartoning machine is suitable for packing bags filled with product into boxes. Our bag in box cartoner can automatically feed bags and boxes, open boxes, pack bags into boxes, and seal boxes. There are two sealing types for option: insert type and hot melt glue type.


With high efficiency and stable running, XF-FH automatic bag in box cartoning machine are extensively used for packing of drugs, food, cosmetics, etc.


1. Our bag in box cartoner can automatically open boxes, feed products, spray glue, and seal boxes.
2. This automatic bag in box cartoning machine is controlled by PLC to realize photoelectric monitoring of each moving part. If any abnormal condition occurs, it will stop automatically and display the failure reason on the screen for easy troubleshooting.
3. The bag in box cartoner is equipped with main drive motor and clutch brake, and torque overload protector is designed for each transmission system to protect the machine when overload occurs.
4. This automatic bag in box cartoning machine can be used separately or combined with other packing machine to form a complete production line.

Technical Data



Main Motor Power



20 ~ 60boxes/min (based on specific product)

Overall Dimensions (L × W × H)

3400 × 1450 × 1700mm


around 1200kg

Applicable Box Size (L × W × H)

180 × 80 × 50mm (max)

70 × 30 × 15mm (min)


< 85db

details of Automatic Carton Packing Machine

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