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Xingfei is a packaging machinery manufacturer in China, we are offering powder packing machine, food packaging machine, weighting packing machine, filling packing machine, liquid filling machine, plastic bag packing machine. We established our company in 2004, and have people who had been working packaging machine manufacturing business more than 10 years before we made Xinfei packaging Machinery Company, so we have very professional workers of manufacturing packing machines.

Our company is located in Shanghai suburb where has many packing machine parts manufacturers, it means that we are able to fine any qualified packing machine parts supplier close us, saving the transportation cost of making the machines. Shanghai is China the biggest seaport city which has international sea transportation line to many countries, no need domestic transportation cost of China, that will save our customer’s buying cost. Every part of using on the packaging machines we offer is seriously inspected, and the workers, well trained and passed the exam of quality controlling, can take the job of manufacturing our packing machines. 

Our packaging machines are widely used to has various use such as medicine packing machine, cosmetics packing machine, automatic weighing packing machine, vertical food packing machines, granule packaging machine, carton packing machine and food machines for packing food, packaging medicine, cosmetics, feedstuff, etc, dried soup material, food additive, milk powder, shampoo, snack food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumplings, and small cookies. Additionally, our packaging machines can also be integrated with a number of accessories to create a customized solution for any application.

We can offer high quality with competitive price China packing machines, welcome you to contact us, we will offer good service and packing machine for you, thanks.

Main products
    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Horizontal Powder Packing MachineOur powder packing machine is widely used for packing foodstuff, medicine, pesticide and feedstuff. It is of bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing process function. Horizontal packing machine is idea for packing powder, liquid, paste and granule materials in three and four side sealed sachets.
    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Food Packaging MachineOur food packaging machine uses multilayer heat-sealable film for packing foodstuff, pesticide, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It is of different filling heads to finish bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing functions.
    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Automatic Weighing Packing MachineOur weighing packing machine is composed of vibrating feeder, Z type lifter,10 multi head weigher, main vertical packaging machine, platform and finish product conveyor. It can finish feeding, dosing, filling, sealing, date printing and product conveying automatically.
    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Semi-auto Filling and Packing Machine

      Our semi-auto filling and packing machine is suitable for packing powder material, such as milk powder, cosmetic, feedstuff, rice flour and sugar. It is of PLC control system, bi-language touch screen.

    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Automatic Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

      Our soft tube filling and sealing machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. It is for automatic filling fluid materials into plastic tube, aluminum-plastic laminated tube.

    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Automatic Carton Erector

      Our automatic carton erector can perform functions of carton opening, shaping and folding automatically. It is of PLC control system, display screen and carton giving device.

    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine

      Our shrink wrapping machine is suited for shrink packaging of pop can, glass bottle, beer, mineral water and drink bottle. It is of constant temperature wrapper for shrink packaging PE and PVC film.

    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Vacuum Packaging Machine

      Our vacuum packaging machine can finish process of vacuum extraction, inert gases aerating, sealing, printing, cooling and aeration. Products can be prevented from oxidation.

    1. Packaging Machinery
    2. Vegetable Cutting Machine

      Our vegetable cutting machine is a kind of food processing machine, used to cut root vegetable and fruit into thread, chip and other shapes. It is of 300-700kg capacity.